Snow and Ice Removal Forecasts

You have to be on top of the situation when snow and ice strike.

You’re watching the news, searching the internet and listening to the radio to get the latest forecast. Some forecasts say one thing, some contradict those. What do you believe?

Weather Briefings keeps you ahead of the storm by giving you days of advanced warning so you can prepare. By the time a “winter storm warning” is issued, it’s old news to you.

As the storm gets closer, we work at pinning down the time the storm will start so that you can attack the snow and ice on your own terms.

Professionals Our Here try us out! your company will glad it did!

We also tell you when the storm will end so you know when to start mop-up operations.

“But how often are you right?”

That’s a great question because our forecasts are GUARANTEED accurate. Up until now there hasn’t been an industry standard. Now there is – and we set it.

That’s right – we offer Accuracy Based Compensation so you don’t have pay for bad weather forecasts.

“What do you forecast?”

What do you want to know?

We know that your needs may be very unique. Just tell us what you need to know and we’ll design the forecast information just for you.

Our basic service includes your personal website with

Storm start and stop times, usually within +/- 1.5 hours
Our forecaster’s confidence
How much snow, ice pellets or freezing rain will fall
Forecast covers a 20 mile radius around a point you specify
6 day outlook with each day’s temperatures, hours of precipitation, wind direction and speed, precipitation amount
Access to our Live Briefings
Radar, daily detailed snow reports, our alerts
Daily video podcast
Certified snow settlement data – taking out uncertainty of accumulations between you and your client.

Our service also includes a 24/7 access to our forecasters so you can ask those critical questions right away. We will call you so that you no longer have to set the alarm clock wondering if the rain has changed to snow or if the snow has begun.

Site-specific forecasts within a 5-mile radius of a point you specify (up to 3 points, additional points can be added for a small fee)
Call and talk to a forecaster anytime
Our exclusive 30-day outlook updated each week
Plus, we make out-calls when critical weather situations develop
As low as $379/mo  Рand we can assure you that our service will more than pay for itself.
Marketing support services where email your potential customers with an advance notice of potential storms on your behalf. Contact us for a quote.
And the forecast accuracy is guaranteed.


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